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General Alliance Insurance (Zambia) Limited is dynamic short term insurance company which intends to become operational in Zambia in March 2012.The company’s equal shareholder is General Alliance Insurance Limited, a Malawian short term Insurance Company.

General Alliance was formed 16 years ago and is now one of the leading insurers in Malawi.The principles of integrity, service excellence, financial stability and sound underwriting are championed by General Alliance.

The success of General Alliance has been based on having excellent relationship with our intermediaries; we believe the new Company will emulate this.There are a number of corporate bodies whose underlying motive is only profit; we are keenly aware that our reputation is what counts. At General Alliance we refuse to sacrifice the quality of our service at the expense of our clients. Each client dealing with General Alliance will be afforded a high level of service and unparalleled advice.General Alliance was established in 1996 and is now one of the leading insurance companies in Malawi. At the time the insurance industry was dominated by a few large companies who got away with charging high premiums.

We provided the market with a new, dynamic and progressive option: the consequence was that other companies had to slash premiums. Since then the company has gone from strength to strength and firmly established itself as the premier insurance company in Malawi. In order to demonstrate this to insurance buyers, in 2008, we commissioned Global Credit Rating Co. (S.A) to evaluate our standing in the Malawian insurance market. The independent results categoricallystated that we were the strongest company in the market. Only two insurance.

companies in Malawi published a credit rating- General Alliance attained an A+. General Alliance’s International Solvency Ratio was calculated at 162.8% the next nearest insurance company in Malawi had an International Solvency Ratio of 73.9%: the higher the solvency ratio the more likely the insurer can pay their claims. In June 2011 we were rated again and we maintained our A+- Four Years in a Row. We had the highest solvency ratio in the Malawi market. Furthermore, the cash cover of General Alliance was far higher than any other insurer in Malawi.

Our Belief 
In an ever evolving corporate climate there is an unfortunate trend where companies forget who their clients are. At Star General we have an ‘open doors policy’; we do not believe that clients should be inconvenienced in contacting us- we are aware that we rely on your good will for our success. Star General does not suffer from myriads of bureaucracy or chains of management; our offices are easily accessible and our staff will be on hand to deal with all queries.

The success of our subsidiary has been based on having excellent relationships with our intermediaries and direct clients. 

There are a number of corporate bodies whose underlying motive is only profit; we are keenly aware that our reputation is what counts. At Star General we refuse to sacrifice the quality of our service at the expense of our clients. Each client dealing with Star General will be afforded a high level of service and unparalleled advice.

We are extremely proud to be the strongest insurance company in Malawi for 4 years running, based on Global Credit Rating and probably for a much longer period than that. We are firmly of the opinion that General Alliance is the strongest insurance companyin Malawi.

Our belief is based on the facts detailed below:

Unparalleled Expertise - Our management has a greater breadth and depth of knowledge and experience than any of our competitors. They are known to ‘think outside the box’ and provide comprehensive solutions.

Our reinsurers are Africa Re. Africa Re are highly regarded within the insurance market having been established since 1976. They currently have ratings of A- from both Standard and Poor’s and A.M. Best. 

Product Knowledge - An emerging economy will always have new challenges. With our experience we have found that our management has usually encountered similar challenges abroad.

Claims Management - The Claims Department has an experienced manager who is involved with most claims. There are daily meetings with the Managing Director and the Claims Department to ensure claims are managed effectively. This is attractive for clients as it speeds up the process of claims and allows for a far more professional approach.

International Rating – 4 insurance companies in Malawi have received an International Rating. However, only 2 companies have published their rating. The Global Credit Rating Co. (S.A) has rated General Alliance as A+ for the last four years.

Market Confidence – The biggest indicator of our competence is how the market reacts. In 2008 we grew 45%, higher than any of our competitors and double the market average of 22%. In 2011 we continued our impressive market growth. We believe this shows that the insuring public are making General Alliance their insurer of choice.


Security – We are the most financially secure insurance company in Malawi. The figures bear testimony to that. As a client you want to be assured that we can pay your claims when they arise.

Dependability - Many people insure with General Alliance because they know who we are. There are no closed doors, no myriads of management and we do not pass the buck. If we are responsible we are accountable.

Service Orientation – At General Alliance we have recognized there is a need to explain insurance in a way which is not confusing or daunting for the client. Our purpose built offices are state of the art and are certainly the most accessible in Blantyre. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on having an open door policy in which all our clients can approach staff and senior management. Indeed, we positively encourage people to come to our offices and see how insurance business is dealt with.

Growth – Consistently achieving higher growth than our competitors.

IT Solutions - In June 2010 we engaged Aimsoft of Kenya to create and install a bespoke insurance software solution. It is anticipated that this will be unique in Malawi and give us a competitive edge over other insurers. We are proud to have the most up to date insurance software in Malawi. We intend to deploy the same software providers in Zambia.

International Solvency Ratio – For the last 4 years (2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010) General Alliance has had the highest International Solvency Ratio (ISR) in Malawi, and probably for a much longer period than that.


The Insurance Industry often has to react to new and complex challenges in a short period of time. We pride ourselves in being able to create innovative and tailor made solutions which are not often offered by other companies. The Zambian economy is continually evolving and we intend to be at the forefront when it comes to providing short term Insurance solutions to match the requirements of the market.

At General Alliance we offered new products to the market such as fish, cattle and poultry insurance .These we received very favorably in the market and demonstrated our ability to nurture non traditional insurance solutions.

Our reinsurers are Africa Re. Africa Re are highly regarded in the insurance market having been established since 1976. They currently have ratings of A- form both Standard and Poor and A. M. Best.


In pursuing our vision and living our mission, we shall conduct business guided by our core values of:

  • Integrity – honouring our commitments and being honest and fair in all our dealings.
  • Service Excellence – going beyond our customer’ highest service expectations by developing strong personal relationships with them and providing value – added products and services through empowered and highly motivated employees.
  • Financial Stability – optimizing the use of our resources to sustain our financial strength and to assure our stakeholders of our long – term stability and profitable growth.

We will be among the major players in the non- life insurance industry, distinguished by our closeness to the market and our service excellence.

Our purpose is to enable individuals and businesses to manage financial risk. We provide insurance products and services tailored to meet the specific and everchanging financial risk exposures facing our customers. We build value for our investors through the strength of our customers’ satisfaction and by consistently producing superior operating results. We will provide the insuring public protection for their assets against the risks of everyday life because their peace of mind and security is our primary concern


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