About Us
About Us

           Who We Are

General Alliance was formed in 1996 when a group of leading business men noticed a gap in the insurance market; there was need for a company that was solution driven, providing bespoke products. We are now one of the leading insurers in Malawi and have a regional presence in Tanzania and Zambia.

In 2008, General Alliance decided to acquire an independent international rating. In the 7 years to follow we have been accredited with an A+ Claims Paying Ability (Global Credit Rating Co. (S.A.)). We also have the highest solvency ratio and cash coverage in the Malawian market. . Our F14 international solvency margin as used by GCR is 92.7%, being nearly 73% above the minimum requirement of 20%.This is what has given our current clients the confidence to insure their assets with us.

At General Alliance, we pride ourselves on providing a boutique  service and having an open door policy. We have firmly established ourselves as the leading corporate insurer in Malawi.

Our current portfolio of clients includes some of the largest corporates in Malawi. We continually strive to achieve professional excellence so that we can serve our clients to the best of our ability.

Why Should You Insure With Us?

  • The answer is simple; because here at General Alliance, our policy is to:
  • Be innovative and not necessarily follow traditions
  • Focus on Corporate and established individuals
  • Provide a fast track claims settling service
  • Tailor terms and conditions to suit clients with good insurance records
  • Provide the most competitive terms
  • Be accessible throughout the year

General Alliance provides competitive, affordable professionally designed short term Insurance products to corporate and non-corporate clients.



About Us

Understanding of the Requirements for Services

We are aware that insurance can be a complicated and time intensive matter and whilst we try and ensure that our clients do not have any problems, we know that there will be times when matters need addressing . In order for our clients to have peace of mind we have implemented (a) dedicated teams to deal with clients and outline how accounts will be dealt with during the year (b) opportunity for clients and their staff to visit our offices in order to understand the working of General Alliance(c) a tutorial for clients and their staff to see how claims are handled. We have discovered that some companies find it very useful to have their staff visit our offices and experience exactly how claims are processed and clients are dealt with. It also gives both parties an opportunity to develop a rapport.
About Us

Proposed Approach, Methodology, Timing and Outputs

At General Alliance we aim to deal with claims on the day of notification; this is dependent on the nature of the claim. In claims involving motor vehicles the speed in which we deal with claims is often dictated to us by the availability of parts in Malawi. In situations where parts are readily available we try and resolve the claim within 7-14 days. Most of our major clients have direct contact with a representative at General Alliance.  The appointed person will have the responsibility of keeping the client informed about the progress of any claim. In order to increase efficiency we can schedule quarterly meetings with our clients which will have the purpose of evaluating the service we provide.  For companies with large fleets of cars we can assign approved repairers, and instruct our staff to attend the repairers to ensure vehicles are being dealt with. We will also enter into service agreements with our clients setting out the time frame in which matters should be resolved . The stated service agreement can be tailored to suit cars of lower value as well.

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